Project Outback Dental continues through 2017 it's oral health promotion campaigns. Watch this space for our new "creative activities" for 2017. 
1.  Tooth Shuttle (TM) Oral Health Promotion Visits at Schools and Early Learning Centres
  • In partnership with Captain Active ® kids are taught to swap "Lazy" food with healthier "Active" food options
  • Themes: 
    1. Early childhood dental decay is associated with childhood obesity
    2. Dental abscess results in school absences
    3. Lazy foods and poor dental hygiene cause teeth decay
    4. Healthy teeth, healthier tots
    5. Easy as One-tooth-three(TM): drink well, eat well, and clean well for better, stronger teeth 
    6. Mouthguards for Super Active Kids

2.  Lions ROAR - Remote Oral Assessment and Re-care (TM)
  • 6-monthly courtesy dental checkups for all Lions, Lionesses, and Leos in Outback communities
  • Complimentary dental examinations for residents and staff at Lions Club retirement villages

3.  Smilin' Staffies (TM)
  • Because we love Staffies and all creatures big and small, a part of POD's income is donated to organisations promoting animal welfare and efforts against breed specific legislation like the RSPCA and Staffy Rescue organisations across Australia.  To nominate your favourite animal welfare organisation for the next fund drive, email us.

"I've had my teeth professionally cleaned; so should you." - Bear, 5 yrs old

"Don't forget to brush your tongue, too." - Kiesha, 6 yrs old